School Life

Extracurricular Activities (ECAs) and Athletics

Fundamental to the development of our students’ characters and capabilities, ECAs and Athletics are integral to the wholeness of a Westmount High School experience and that is why we make these activities a special priority.

Through these activities, students develop and build a sense of community, self-efficacy and discover new interests and skills.

Westmount High School Extracurricular Activities
Westmount High School Student Services

Student Services

Guidance: Karen Allen and Mandy Moreno, our dynamic guidance counsellors, offer our students support and guidance in course counselling, testing, career planning and advice regarding CEGEP/University applications, vocational programs, references and/or personal problems.


Libraries are treasured places where students find resources and environments to augment their learning and growth.

Our library is full of life, buzzing with the curiosity of creative minds widening their experiences and learning about the world.

Our library offers a wide range of materials for both specific and general interest needs.  A full-time librarian is always available to assist students in finding and retrieving both online and printed materials to support students’ research, and the development of information literacy skills.

Westmount High School Library
Westmount High School Parent Participation Program

Parent Participation Organization

The Westmount High School Parent Participation Organization, commonly known as the PPO, provides parents and guardians with the opportunity to be an active and vital part of our school community.

Working in conjunction with the school administration, students, and staff, we orient the PPO efforts towards helping WHS meet important needs. We hold meetings once every two months at the school; all parents and guardians are welcome to attend.

We participate in many annual school events including:

  • PLUK Sale (Previously Loved Uniform Kiosk)
  • Open House
  • Parent/Teacher Night
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Special events and fundraising

We are most proud of:

The PPO is proud to offer two annual scholarships to deserving students continuing their education beyond Westmount High School. In addition, the PPO successfully spearheaded the fundraising campaign for the newly renovated auditorium and purchased new sofas for the library!

Join the WHS PPO by sending an email to

Safe School


At Westmount High School, our community is dedicated to making our school safe for everyone.

 We believe that: 

Everyone is entitled to the enjoyment of a life and the pursuit of their goals free of prejudice.

Every member of our community has a collective responsibility to each other to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all, free from harm, bullying, or prejudice.



Westmount High School’s Safe School Action Plan

EMSB Safe Physical and Cyber Environment Policy

Safe School Action Plan

Quebec, Bill 56: An Act to Prevent and Stop Bullying and Violence in Schools

Reporting an Incident of Bullying

If you are a witness to or a victim of bullying, tell someone.

Whether it is a member of our administration, staff, counsellor or another trusted adult, let others help.

If you do not feel able to talk to someone, we invite you to complete the Safe School Incident Report. Once completed, please submit the report to any staff member.

If you feel that reporting the incident will jeopardize your safety, here is a report form that you can fill out anonymously.