Westmount High School Memorial Project

As the oldest public high school in Quebec (1873), Westmount High School’s rich history is an important part of the heritage of the cities of Westmount and Montreal as well as the Province of Quebec. Westmount students fought in both World War I and World War II. Some perished in the wars, making the ultimate sacrifice for Canada and our community. They are honoured and memorialized by the school on our war memorial plaques located in the foyer of the building.

Students from Ms. Chantal Clabrough’s secondary IV history classes created digital profiles of former Westmount High School students who gave their lives in WWII. Through archival research (online) and with material in the school vaults including yearbooks and service photographs, students have been able to create digital profiles memorializing the lives and contributions of our fallen WHS students.

This is an ongoing project with the goal of students completing all profiles of the names on the plaque.

Please contact: cclabrough@emsb.qc.ca if you have information on any of the names listed above.

WHS WWII Fallen Alumni


Aird, John Smith Seaton

Allingham, Robert

Anglin, William Sherron

Applin, Donald

Austin, Robert Eliot

Badgley, John Clement

Baldwin, Jesse Augustus

Bardwell, Keith

Bennet, William

Beveridge, John

Bradley, Frederick William

Bryson, John

Calverley, Walter John

Carnegie, James Lindsay

Carson, Owen Munro

Champion, Dudley Sydney

Chapman, Anthony

Clarson, Owen Munro

Cook, John Frederick

Coulter, James Stewart

Crowley, John William

Duncan, George Findlay

Eden, William Andrew Jr

Falls, Tom Montague

Ferrier, Walter Robert

Finlay, Paul William

Gordon, John Peter Campbell

Grindley, William Edward

Gurd, Philip Leslie

Hanson, James Robert

Harris, Victor Keith

Harvie, Robert Jr

Henry, Thomas Haliburton

Hill, John Richard

Hingston, Fayette William Brown

Hutchison, John Lutterell

Jacobs, Michael Stein

Jacobson, Joseph

Jarvis, William Louis

Johnson, Ross Eveleigh

Ketterson, Andrew Boyd

Law, Robert

Lorimer, Robert Johnston

Markham, Gerald Arthur

McCaul, Rupert E

McConnell, Andrew Lloyd

McConnell, Russell

McCormick, Robert James

McMurtry, Eric Alexander

Neil, Edward John

O'Hara, Ian Wallace

Pope, Rufus

Pyper, Kenneth Pedley

Ralston, Herbert James

Redpath, John George

Rutherford, Clark Anderson

Sargent, David Herbert

Sargent, Stewart Grover

Schwartz, Gerald

Scott, Alexander Graham

Scrimger, Alexander Carron

Shippee, Quentin MacPhail

Small, Douglas

Snow, Gerald Barclay

Spinney, Wilbur Ramsay

Thornhill, Hugh Boyd

Usher, Moses Lewis

Walkley, John Molson

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brings stories of school’s war dead to life

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All work produced by students with guidance from C. Clabrough. Students consulted online sites such as Military Service Files on the Government of Canada Library and Archives website and Veterans Affairs, amongst others. Work cited on individual profiles.